6 Ways to Find a Running Partner


Even those of us who love the solitude of running by yourself can benefit from running with a buddy or a group every once in awhile. Running with a friend can challenge you to get past a plateau, be a great way to knock out a workout and a catch-up chat at the same time, and most of all, give you some accountability on those days when lacing up might feel especially tough. But what if you aren’t one of those lucky people who have a significant other or good friend who is already into running as much as you are? Don’t worry, we put together a list of places where you can find a running partner in no time!

1. Running Store

The best place to start is at your local running store. Most, if not all, offer group runs at least once a week. Sometimes they offer discounts for the run club or have local races/companies sponsor the run and giveaway some good stuff!

2. Training Teams

Not just for professional athletes, getting a coach or joining a training team near you is a great way to meet new people who will challenge you and push your limits. There are usually a couple different kinds of workouts each week (usually including a long run and a track workout), and you can get form or pacing tips from a coach at the same time. Typically, there is a fee for this kind of running group, but you can always make friends and run on your own as well.

3. Facebook Groups

There is a Facebook group for just about everything, and running groups are no exception. Try searching your city or even state and running and see what comes up. This is more hit or miss, depending on the activity of the members of the groups, but is worth checking out.

4. Meetup.com

Much like Facebook, there is a Meetup group for just about anything you can think of, and you can look for trail runners, road runners, ultra runners, or anyone in between. Many groups try to have at least a mid-week and a weekend run, but it depends on the particular group.

5. Local Running Club

You can search by state on RRCA.org and find a list of all the RRCA-affiliated running clubs in your state, or search RunningintheUSA.com by state, too. You can also just do a quick Google search and see what comes up!

6. Register for a race

Some of the bigger national races and even some local races coordinate training groups tailored to that specific distance. Sometimes, local gyms will put together training groups for a specific race, too, so ask at your gym.

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